Plugin 1.0.160 (June 17, 2016)

Main New Features:

  • Added support for API calls, which allow other plug-ins to invoke the following:
    • getITSPluginVersion() - To get plug-in version number
    • List<String> getCommunityList() - To get list of Sametime Communities
    • boolean isITSCommunityDefined(String communityHost) - To check if a Community is configured for Instant TeamSessions
    • String refreshITSCommunity(String communityHost) - To refresh Instant TeamSessions settings/place list from Server
    • String setITSURL(String communityHost, String ITS_URL) - To update Instant TeamSessions settings/place list configuration URL
    • String newITSCommunityDefinition(String communityHost) - To specify Instant TeamSessions configuration for a new Sametime community
  • We've added a sample api plug-in to help become familiar with how the new API works. To download this sample project, go to the download page, and click on the 'Sample API Plug-in' button.